About Kuro-Obi World Media

It’s not just a competition, but it is a lifetime of self-improvement through training one’s body and spirit. This allows one to continue getting stronger even at an older age. This is the ultimate beauty of Martial Arts.

Kuro-Obi World videos provide excitement, surprises, and the beauty of Martial Arts. Anyone can improve by experiencing and learning the philosophy and techniques of the traditional Martial Arts. The ultimate purpose of these arts is to pass on the information to future generations.

The beginning of Kuro-Obi World centered on the inspiration of a group of dedicated martial arts practitioners to create the movie “Kuro-Obi.”

At Kuro-Obi World we live by the motto:

“Everyone is a Hero in Kuro-Obi World”.

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Kuro-Obi World Team

Fuyuhiko Nishi

Fuyuhiko Nishi was born on December 27th, 1965. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan.He has been creating movies since childhood and has produced dozens of independent movies. He previously worked for GAGA, a Japanese movie production company, and held a position there as a Movie Buyer for their acquisition division. Many of his acquired movies became big hits in Japan: Shaolin Soccer (China), A Moment to Remember (Korea), Ongbak (Thailand), etc.

Nishi decided to devote himself to providing Japanese traditional martial arts movies to the world. His first work as a creator was “Kuro-Obi”, which received praise for its casting of true martial artists, such as Akihito Yagi and Tatsuya Naka, over professional actors. Due to the critical acclaim of the movie, he was invited to the Montreal International Movie Festival. He continued to produce numerous Karate action movies such as “High Kick Girl!”, “Karate Girl”, “Dancing Karate Kid”, etc.

Nishi started the project “Kuro-Obi World” in 2014 to convey to the world the wonderful vastness of Martial Arts. He expanded his work beyond movies by producing martial arts training videos, tutorials, tournaments, and other documentary videos of Karate and as well as other marital arts.

Kuro-Obi World Media LLC was established in the United States in 2017. Subscription-based video streaming services began on October 13th, 2017, which marked the 10-year anniversary of the release of the movie “Kuro-Obi”.

Nishi’s current goal is to provide subscribers with documentary videos, as well as Karate movies and series such as “Kuro-Obi 2” and “Kuro-Obi & High Kick Girl Drama Series”.

Notable Work

2007 “Kuro-Obi ”


2009 “High Kick Girl!”

2010 “Karate Girl”

2011 “Salvage Mice”


2013 “Dancing Karate Kid”

2014 “High Kick Angels”

2015 “GREAT JOURNEY OF KARATE” (Documentary)

2016 “Living Ninja Legend〜Masaaki Hatsumi” (NHK TV Documentary)
    “GREAT JOURNEY OF KARATE 2 ” (Documentary)